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On a silver platter your wish came true
So your heart of gold turned platinum
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15th-Feb-2010 02:01 am(no subject)
lights ---> bandana
Melissa, Lisa, Autumn and me. Yeah, you remember us? Oh good! Well, we were there that night too. You know, the one where we drove half the day to Jersey to hang out with you guys and see you play. That day we drove all night and morning to get home? I got back home at 5 fucking AM. FOR YOU GUYS. And now you act like we don’t exsist. What’s honestly so fucking special about GiGi, that you act like she was the only one there those two days? Yeah, she was there, but so were we, and for me and Autumn knowing you longer, it's pretty fucking shitty you just stopped talking to us like that.

If you didn't like us, grow the balls you're supposed to have and tell us.

I obviously learnt the hard way, that band guys, or ones in bands with little 12 year olds as fans, and band guys that hardly have a following, only want you to promote them. And the best part is when you honestly wanted to be friends with them. I didn’t like them, I liked three songs, but they were cool dudes so we talked. It ended up getting to the point we all seemed like friends, but apparently not.
17th-Sep-2009 06:17 pm - Do yourself a favor.
lights ---> singing

Stop stalking my damned journal, you freak.

19th-Feb-2009 12:00 am - FO!
lights ---> singing
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